Siete Banderas is an exciting dining experience and intimate concert venue located in the heart of downtown Laredo, Siete Banderas guarantees to revitalize the area and delight the locals. We pride ourselves in finding local, unique, and wholesome ingredients to create extraordinary signature dishes infused with rich flavors and steeped in tradition. The Siete Banderas mission is to create an unparalleled culinary and entertainment experience in a nostalgic setting.



bacon-1Mr Hank & Elizabeth Sames

Siete Banderas: The Crux of Old & New

On a Thursday morning, less than a week before the restaurant’s official opening, a curious passersby walk onto Siete Banderas’ spacious patio and wandered around a little. They’re aimless — they don’t know which door will get them inside or if they should even be here. But they press their faces into the restaurant’s wall of glass and then they stand back to get a peek of the rooftop bar.
This becomes a pattern. In groups of two, five, one, people stumble in and just gaze.
Because it is a marvel.

Downtown Laredo is historic and beautiful, but its age shows. Many buildings look as if they have given up; they literally crumble. Siete Banderas sticks out like a radiant thumb. From its clean, bright blue stucco exterior to its elegant indoor seating, this spot has been injected with energy and verve. It has already given new life to downtown.

The restaurant/bar/concert venue was built to do this. It is huge, with a capacity of 1,000 — a gesture meant to entice not only its own patrons downtown, but also more restaurants, more bars, a whole new arts and entertainment district.

This is the grand vision Siete Banderas’ owners Hank and Elizabeth Sames are hoping to catalyze. The Sames are first-time restaurateurs, but practiced Laredoans. Hank is the president of Sames Motor Company, which began here with his great-grandfather in 1910, and Elizabeth is the director and president of the board of the Laredo Area Community Foundation. They want the best for
their city.
“I feel like this is a way for us to give back to our community and make it a better place to live”