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“Siete Banderas”

“Laredo’s Beating Heart”

It is an exciting new dining experience and intimate concert venue located in the heart of the historical downtown of laredo. Siete banderas guarantees to revitalize the area and delight the locals with it’s unique fusion cuisine . We pride ourselves in finding local, unique, and wholesome ingredients to create extraordinary signature dishes infused with rich flavors and steeped in tradition. The siete banderas mission is to create an unparalleled culinary and entertainment experience in a historic and nostalgic ambiance.

Birth of Margarita

The Birth of The Margarita

As you would expect, there are many who claim to have invented the iconic lime and tequila drink, the Margarita. While many of the stories seem valid, the majority of the credit goes to Margaret “Margarita” Sames. Margarita Sames was originally from Miranda City. She married Bill Sames, who was working in the Sames car dealership in Laredo. Shortly after they married, they decided to move to tropical Acapulco and Bill sold his interest in the dealership to his brother, Harry Sames.

As the story goes, Mrs. Sames concocted the drink for her guest at her Acapulco vacation home over the Christmas holiday in 1948. Her husband Bill had cocktail glasses made with “Margarita” etched on them and the name caught on. The cocktail was popular and was shared among some of Sames’ guests and friends, including movie stars Lana Turner and John Wayne, hoteliers Joseph Down and Nick Hilton, and other travelers who subsequently added the drink to restaurant and hotel menus across the world.


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